What Are The Real Motives Behind Asset Seizures?

MICHIGAN:  “I had a team of people and their only job was to find me money,” said retired Maryland State Police Narcotics Commander Maj. Neill Franklin.

Franklin is the executive director of LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. He now travels the world speaking on behalf of legalizing marijuana.

It isn’t that the church-going, former undercover officer is a fan of the drug, but his 34 years in law enforcement have convinced him that the war on drugs has failed and is now mostly a money-making arm for police departments small and large.

“At the beginning, we really thought that we could keep drugs out of our communities but when I was assigned to the division of corrections investigative unit, I realized we couldn’t [even] keep drugs out of our most secure buildings in our state, which were our prisons,” Franklin said.


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