Warnings Issued Regarding Portland Maine Marijuana Ordinance

MAINE: Portland’s new ordinance declaring marijuana possession by adults to be legal within city limits takes effect on Friday, and city officials are trying to prevent the type of celebration that took place on election night.

The new ordinance allows adults to possess marijuana in Portland city limits, but prohibits people from using it in public.

Several proponents celebrated the lopsided passage of the ordinance by smoking a foot-long joint outside a downtown bar.

“We certainly hope people respect the ordinance,” said City Councilor David Marshall, a member of the Portland Green Independent Committee, which spearheaded the legalization effort. “The ordinance clearly says you can’t do it in public.”

At 6:30 p.m. on Thursday evening, the Portland Greens will hold an informal panel discussion in the State of Maine room at City Hall to clear the air about what the ordinance says and how it interacts with state and federal laws, which prohibit possession of marijuana for recreational purposes.

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