Virginia Lawmaker Pushes Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana

VIRGINIA: A Northern Virginia lawmaker is bringing the debate over marijuana to the Virginia Senate.

A bill sponsored by Sen. Adam Ebbin, D-Alexandria, would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana for adults. Ebbin and supporters held a news conference in the Capitol on Thursday to highlight the issue, which he said is headed for a debate in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee.

“We cannot continue to hide behind the fear of a plant in our criminal code,” Ebbin said.

Former Del. Harvey Morgan, a pharmacist from Gloucester, introduced decriminalization bills in past years that were quickly killed. Ebbin said he was a co-sponsor and introduced the bill this year because so many of his constitutents asked him to.

“This has never been discussed in the Virginia Senate in a decriminalization way, and it needs to be,” Ebbin said.

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