Up In Smoke: Most D.C. Marijuana Citations Go Unpaid

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  D.C. police have written more than 250 tickets for marijuana possession in the roughly six months since the District relaxed its marijuana laws, but the vast majority of citations have simply been ignored, an analysis by The Washington Times has found.

From July 17 through Jan. 7, the Metropolitan Police Department issued 251 tickets for marijuana possession, with 47 percent issued to people in the department’s Seventh District, which lies east of the Anacostia River and includes some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

An analysis of the adjudication of five months’ worth of marijuana tickets shows that violators are ignoring the penalties — with an estimated 70 percent failing to pay the $25 fine. Such widespread noncompliance was predicted early on by police, noting that the decriminalization law doesn’t provide any enforcement mechanism.




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