Unlicensed Marijuana Businesses Will Soon Close In Unincorporated King County

WASHINGTON:  King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg and King County Sheriff John Urquhart announced today a King County effort aimed at closing down unlicensed marijuana businesses operating in unincorporated King County.

Fifteen such businesses operating in unincorporated King County were sent letters earlier in the week informing them that they do not have state-approved licenses for the sale of marijuana and must close down their establishments.

Initiative 502, which was approved by voters in 2012, requires the state to create a system for the licensed production, processing and retail distribution of marijuana with no requirement for medical need. Recent amendments to Initiative 502, adopted by the State Legislature, bring medical marijuana into the state licensing system and eliminate “collective gardens.” Retail operations licensed by the state offer the only legal way to sell marijuana, and any unlicensed sale of marijuana is illegal.

“These stores are illegal,” said King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg.  “They are unlicensed, untaxed, and they are undermining Washington State’s new law. How local jurisdictions deal with this issue may well determine the success of the entire law,” he added.

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