Two Marijuana Shops Proposed For Kirkland, WA

WASHINGTON: Kirkland could get two marijuana stores within the city limits, according to the newest Initiative 502 rules proposed by the Washington State Liquor Control Board.
The initiative legalized marijuana in Washington state, and passed last November with more than 55 percent of the vote.

According to the proposed state rules, a maximum of 334 retail stores will be allowed state, and store locations were allocated based on population in the 2010 Census and “consumption data.”

Under the proposal, Kirkland would get one marijuana store for every 24,000 residents — a slightly higher ratio than Seattle, which would have 21 stores for its 608,660 residents. Some cities would have a higher shop-to-resident rate, such as Pullman, which would get three marijuana stores for its 30,000 residents. Even counties as small as Wahkiakum and Columbia, which each have about 4,000 residents total, would get at least one shop within the county limits.

The board would allow 61 marijuana stores in King County total. You can check out the list of retail store locations on theWashington State Liquor Control Board website.

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