Tribe’s OK Of Marijuana Brings South Dakota AG Warning

While the cultivation, sale and possession of marijuana might be legal on a Native American Reservation, South Dakota law still bans it off reservation and for non-Natives.

SOUTH DAKOTA:  The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe in eastern South Dakota plans to sell marijuana by Jan. 1; but that prompts a warning from the SD attorney general that tribal laws won’t protect non-Native Americans, nor anyone off tribal land.

The Santee Sioux will grow marijuana at one site; hopefully earning a monthly profit of $2 million according to an Associated Press story.

In a news release, South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley stated that while he respects each tribe’s authority to pass laws, people also have to recognize South Dakota’s laws prohibiting “physical possession, distribution, and manufacture of marijuana by all non-Indian persons anywhere in South Dakota including within Indian Country; and all Indian persons outside of Indian Country.”

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  1. Bruce says

    So, if a non-Indian consumes marijuana on tribal lands, he or she can be busted. If an Indian leaves tribal lands with MJ, they can be busted.

    So, the Indians are going to grow and consume $2 million worth of product on the reservation? Unlikely. And just what they need, one more intoxicant…

    • says

      Yes that sounds about right on the math that was provided to you. We’ll gladly ingest this instead of what we have been poisoning ourselves with up until now. We can agree to disagree if these laws are complicated they are meant to be that just so you the consumer are too confused to think for yourselves. I love being from a sovereign nation it appears to confuse everyone else but hey as long as we understand the complexities it’s all good.

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