These Colorado Military Vets Are Suing Over Marijuana

COLORADO:  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a debilitating mental ailment that affects people who have experienced serious traumatic events in their lives. It is typically found in people who have served in the military during wars, people who have been sexually abused, and people who have witnessed or experienced many other dreadful situations. People suffering from the disorder will often relive these terrible experiences in their minds and feel waves of fear and depression. Almost 10 percent of the population experiences PTSD at some point in their lives.

Medical marijuana is becoming more and more popular as a treatment tool for PTSD. With an estimated 22 veterans killing themselves every day in the U.S., mostly due to PTSD, any method for fighting the illness a patient can get is important. With that in mind, nine states currently allow those who have been diagnosed with PTSD to acquire marijuana to treat their symptoms. That doesn’t mean these people are just getting high to forget their problems, but they are often using marijuana to help treat the symptoms while they seek therapy and other approaches for trying to cure the disorder. CBD, the compound in marijuana that doesn’t get people high like THC does, is said to be beneficial for people who have PTSD, so they might not be getting high at all.

Unfortunately for veterans and others with PTSD who want to get medical marijuana in Colorado, the illness is not on the list of reasons someone can get a medical marijuana card. The state government appointed a board of experts to look at if PTSD should be added to the list of reasons to get a medical card, and that board decided against it in July. Now, five PTSD patients from Colorado are suing the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment and the Colorado Board of Health to get the decision changed.


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