The Medical Cannabis Finish Line Is In Sight

TBoth chambers wisely passed bills that fold medical marijuana into the regulatory structure for recreational pot created by the Liquor Control Board. The bills create a voluntary registry for authorized patients who would be able to purchase greater quantities and gain access to tax exemptions.

image011By Shawn DeNae

The stage is set, the contenders are in place and we either cross that finish line by legitimizing medicinal use, cultivation and dispensing of medical cannabis in law or it’s finished all together.


A dedicated group striving to protect medical cannabis access in Washington State gathered on Thursday as starters in a sprint.  Kari Boiter, the Americans for Safe Access National Advocate of the Year, lead the discussion with bullet strength detail. 

The bottom line?  This grassroots effort needs funds to hire a lobbyist to represent interests in Olympia.  That’s the way it works and Boiter knows just the woman for the job who’ll deliver the communities’ message.


Any legislation presented in 2014 that meets these Core Values has stakeholder support.  Here’s the message, in its simple detail:

  1. Patients must maintain the ability to possess and cultivate a 60 day supply as previously defined by the Department of Health.
  2. Small, private non-commercial cooperatives must be preserved with clear guidelines.
  3. Affirmative defense must be retained as it is in current law.
  4. Commercial MMJ enterprises must be licensed and regulated by the State.
  5. Medical cannabis must follow the same guidelines of taxation as other botanical medicines as per current WA State law.
  6. Health care professionals must maintain the flexibility to adapt treatment plans to suit individual patients needs.
  7. A dedicate workgroup of knowledgeable stakeholders must first study the impact of a patient registry before any action is taken to establish one.
  8. Civil rights need granted so that no medical cannabis patients lose their housing nor their jobs nor should a patient be denied an organ transplant because of their cannabis use.  PTSD needs added as a qualifying condition as supported by evolving science proving it’s benefits.

The small crowd quickly pledged and departed with weekend commitments to gather the initial $25,000 in funds that will secure the Olympian influence and organization required to move forward.  The time to cross the finish line is within a short 45 day legislative session beginning Monday January 13th.

The procrastination to make a difference ends now.

Those of you that agree with the Core Values can help by giving generously at

The cannabis community thanks you.



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  1. Adam Assenberg says

    Here is a letter I am sending out on HB2206, HB2409, HB2303, HB2411, HB2116 & HB2163 And I will be in Olympia on Tuesday to speak on SB5887 & SB6178

    My name is Adam Assenberg and I am fighting you on this bill.

    I set up the Quad City Drug Task Force in a sting operation and busted them big time, I won my case and got my Cannabis and everything else returned in a court order and now I have a six …million dollar case pending.

    You should be worried because I know how to use the law to fight the law and will use the tricks you have used on the public for so many years.

    The same Federal laws apply to those in office at the state level just as they apply for the public.

    Before the State of Washington does any more attacking of patients you should look at the RICO laws and know that just because the feds are sitting on their hands and allowing the State to break laws, the Patients are NOT sitting on our hands and WE will file in federal court to block all of I-502 and stop the State from bringing any funds.

    If your bills pass and patients are not allowed to grow, your going to create a new “TEA PARTY” but this time it will be will millions of Marijuana seeds tossed everywhere in protest of your actions.

    The Patients will NOT stand by while you create a “Washington State Cartel” under your Control.

    The ONLY difference between the “Mexican Cartel” and the “Washington State Cartel” is that the Mexican Cartel is much more kind to it’s competition as they kill the competition right away while the Washington State Cartel locks their competition also known as PATIENTS up in jail for years suffering at the cost of millions more in tax money.

    If Patients are hurt, I will be doing my very best to get people to toss Marijuana seeds everywhere they can to overgrow the Government!

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