Texas Has 11 Marijuana And Hemp Bills To Consider

TEXAS:  In the Texas legislature alone there are 11 cannabis bills pertaining to marijuana, medical marijuana, and hemp. There are another five bills in congress being considered as well which would impact Texans.

The big one to kick it all off is HB 2165 which would repeal marijuana prohibition in Texas by striking all references of marihuana from Texas law. HB 507 and SB 1417 drops possession of an ounce or less of marijuana to a $100 fine with no jail time and provides an exception to prosecution for possession of associated drug paraphernalia. Rounding it out is HB 325 which reduces the penalty for possession of 0.35 ounces or less of marihuana to a Class C misdemeanor. It would also decrease possession of less than two ounces to a Class B misdemeanor, and less than four ounces to a Class A misdemeanor.

On the medical side, introduced on the final day of legislative filing were two identical whole plant medical marijuana bills in both the Texas House and Senate which would give access to patients with an array of illnesses including cancer, seizure disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other debilitating conditions. HB 3785 and SB 1839 will also provide the ability for people to petition that their illness be included as a qualifying condition.


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