Some Alabama Lawmakers Ready To Legalize Marijuana-Derived Oil That Helps Control Seizures

ALABAMA: A marijuana-derived substance believed to help control seizures in children would become legal in Alabama under a bill expected to be introduced this afternoon.

Sponsored by state Rep. Mike Ball, R-Madison, the bill would allow parents of children with certain neurological and epileptic disorders to possess CBD, or cannabidiol – an oil that comes from marijuana but does not produce any intoxicating effects.

“You can’t get high on it, and it has no street value,” Ball, a former state trooper, told Friday. “Once the public understands what this is – and we’re making progress on that – I think we’ll be in pretty good shape.”

Democratic state Rep. Patricia Todd of Birmingham is co-sponsoring the legislation, named Carly’s Law for a little girl from Inverness who suffers from a rare genetic seizure disorder.

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