Seattle Hitting ‘Reset Button’ In Move To Dismiss Public Pot-Use Tickets

WASHINGTON:  As the city moves to dismiss 100 tickets tainted by one police officer’s political agenda, Seattle police said Monday they plan new steps to better teach the department’s officers and citizens about the ban on smoking marijuana in public.

“It’s not really about writing tickets. We’re trying to educate people,” Deputy Chief Carmen Best told the City Council during a briefing prompted by the disclosure that bicycle Officer Randy Jokelaissued the vast majority of public-use tickets the first half of the year for personal reasons.

As a result of Jokela’s actions, City Attorney Pete Holmes informed the council he will seek dismissal of all 100 tickets written for public marijuana use during the first seven months of the year, including tickets written by other officers.

In what he called a practical move, Holmes told the council the “cleanest and most efficient thing to do” is vacate every ticket and “hit the reset button,” in part because Jokela’s ticket writing compromised the council’s directive to monitor the effect of the ban enacted last year.


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