Seattle City Council Pushes Marijuana DUI Legislation

WASHINGTON: The Seattle City Council is considering legislation to create municipal marijuana DUI misdemeanors. According to the city’s law department, the move is being sought primarily so the city can capture the revenue from potential pot law violations.

“[For] crime prosecuted under state law in municipal court, any fine revenue goes to the county rather than us,” Assistant City Attorney Richard Greene told a public safety committee meeting on Wednesday.

Council Bill 117918 would add a marijuana boating DUI to Seattle’s criminal code. While similar to a state law passed by the legislature earlier this year, which sets a legal limit of 5 nanograms THC in a boater’s bloodstream, the city proposal also says any amount of THC in the bloodstream is evidence of a DUI.

Council Bill 11719 adds a marijuana DUI for drivers based on the language in voter-enacted Initiative 502. Both bills unanimously cleared the public safety committee and are headed to the full council for consideration.


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