Scottsdale Says No To Medical Marijuana Bakery

ARIZONA: The Scottsdale City Council has turned down a request to open a medical-marijuana bakery in the Scottsdale Airpark.

Pure Bliss Premium Medibles sought a conditional-use permit to operate the medical-marijuana kitchen at a site near Redfield and Hayden roads, which previously was approved for two dispensaries that never opened.

On Tuesday, a council majority denied the permit request, which would have allowed a wholesale bakery on site where medical marijuana can be infused into edible goods.

Despite a Scottsdale report that said the site meets or exceeds all city regulations, Councilman Dennis Robbins said he didn’t think the proposal met Scottsdale’s criteria for conditional-use permits.

“I don’t think it’s compatible with existing uses in the surrounding area,” he said.

Pure Bliss was to operate in conjunction with a medical-marijuana outlet in Mesa, according to the report.

Robbins said he worried it has the potential to “start bringing in licenses and jurisdictions from all over.”

An attorney representing Pure Bliss did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Responding to a Republic inquiry, Scottsdale Planning Director Tim Curtis said the applicant could choose to revise the application and re-apply.

Another route is to see if any council member who voted against the permit would support a motion to rescind the denial and “rehear” the application, Curtis said.

This action is allowed under the council rules of procedure.

Mayor Jim Lane Lane and council members Bob Littlefield, Guy Phillips and Robbins voted against the permit, while Vice Mayor Virginia Korte and council members Suzanne Klapp and Linda Milhaven supported it.

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