SC Bill May Legalize A Form of Medical Marijuana

SOUTH CAROLINA:  A chemical in the marijuana leaf may soon be legalized in South Carolina thanks to a bill introduced by Senator Tom Davis of Beaufort county.

It would allow doctors to prescribe what’s called “CBD oil” to treat people with epilepsy.

In a written statement, Senator Davis says,

“You can’t get high on it and it has no street value, and it makes zero sense to legally prohibit doctors from prescribing something that would relieve their patients’ suffering.”

And this is great news for one lowcountry grandmother.

“It would be a big game changer,” said Harriett Hilton.

Hilton says the Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil could make a huge impact in the life of her six-year-old granddaughter, Mary Louise who has intractable epilepsy and suffers hundreds of seizures an hour.

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