Rob Corry, Marijuana Attorney, Arrested For Public Consumption Of Pot In Colorado

COLORADO: A well-known Colorado marijuana attorney was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of smoking marijuana in public and disobedience to a lawful order at a Rockies game.

According to a police report obtained by The Denver Post, Rob Corry, 46, and a woman were caught smoking a joint at Coors Field. When an officer asked Corry to give up the joint, Corry reportedly replied “No, I don’t have to, it’s legal.”

The report also states that Corry cursed at the officers, telling one, “You’re a stupid cop, you are going to make this easy for me, you can’t search me, it’s only a citation.”

During the arrest, Corry is quoted telling the officer, “I bet I am a big trophy for you,” before telling who he was. He was also quoted in the police report admitting that he knew public consumption of marijuana was illegal.

Corry helped draft Colorado’s famed Amendment 64 initiative which legalized recreational marijuana in the state, and helped hand out free joints during an anti-marijuana taxation rally in Boulder and Denver. Corry even recruited Vice President Joe Biden to take part in the handout while he was in town surveying the damage caused by disastrous flooding in the state.

But this is hardly Corry’s first brush with the law. A 5280 report points out that he was arrested in 1998 for brandishing a weapon, charged with with two counts of sexual assault in 2005 in Jefferson County that was later pled down to a third-degree assault, and cited more recently in June when he allegedly smashed the window of an RV.


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