Washington D.C. Marijuana Retail Stores Could Open As Early As 2016

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Voters from Washington, D.C. approved the legalization of marijuana during the midterm elections a few weeks ago, and the city’s legislative council took a huge step toward taxing and regulating marijuana for recreational use.

Washington D.C. voters showed an overwhelming approval for legalizing marijuana in the nations capital, as the Initiative 71 passed with nearly 70 percent of voters’ approval.

Initiative 71 was a ballot measure that legalizes the possession of up to two of ounces and the ability to grow up to six marijuana plants for each person aged 21-and-over. But “due to D.C. law, the initiative was not allowed to address the taxation and regulation of marijuana sales,” DrugPolicy.org reports.

This led many to speculate that Washington D.C. would implement simple decriminalization laws instead of allowing the regulation of retail stores to sell marijuana like the current laws in effect with Colorado and Washington state.


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