The Fate Of Colorado’s Weed Industry Rests On These Chocolate Bars

COLORADO:  Bob Eschino’s Denver-based company, Medically Correct, makes a line of tasty looking white- and dark-chocolate bars called Incredibles that come in flavors like cookie crumble and toffee. Each Hershey’s-size bar contains 100 milligrams of hash oil, which, if you ate the entire thing, would be equal to smoking about 10 joints. This is the last thing Eschino would recommend.

“The ultimate goal for recreational cannabis is to have a good time,” says Eschino. “We don’t want to see people over-consuming and not having a good time.”

Lately, the state’s edibles makers have not been having a good time. Since pot went legal in Colorado last December, two deaths have been linked to an over-consumption of marijuana confections, and a raft of bad press has shone a spotlight on the surprisingly powerful punch such treats pack for the novice user.

The issue isn’t that the pot goodies themselves can kill, but rather, as the recent, infamous New York Times op-ed by Maureen Dowd illustrates,  they can make you scarily high: “I lay curled up in a hallucinatory state for the next eight hours.” These types of stories, coupled with reports of children accidentally eating pot treats and being rushed to Colorado emergency rooms, have sounded alarm bells in the industry. Regulators in Colorado and Washington are requiring new, stricter packaging requirements for edibles. And producers like Eschino are proactively banding together to start public education campaigns to get people to consume more responsibly.

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