Report: Seattleites Heading To Bellingham For Legal-Marijuana Buys

WASHINGTON:  The I-502 retail store in Seattle ran out of marijuana Thursday and will be closed for at least a week, but two retailers will be open in Bellingham on Monday. Both cannabis sellers report they’ll be getting new shipments in the first of the week, as well.

With Seattle’s only retailer closed for 10-15 days to restock and uncertainty surrounding when shops in Tacoma will open, both Bellingham stores reported heavy traffic coming from the Seattle region.

Aaron Nelson of 2020 Solutions, which opened on Thursday in Bellingham, said their shop was open today (Sunday) and would open again 8 a.m. on Monday morning with “tons of new stuff coming in.”

Nelson said 2020 Solutions has seen a lot of folks from Seattle, too, as well as from “Tacoma, Everett and all over the country.” He then rattled of a list of states that quickly started sounding a lot like Johnny Cash’s “I’ve been everywhere.”


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