Meet Seattle’s First Edible Marijuana Producer: Db3

WASHINGTON:  Seattle is now home to the first business in Washington that is licensed to produce edible forms of marijuana.

Db3 Inc. had its producer license and processor license granted by the Liquor Control Board on July 9. Db3 will be growing and producing its own edible marijuana products, as well as supporting independent producers by buying marijuana from them to use in the creation of its products, all of which will be marketed under the brand name Zoots.

(While Db3 was first in the state to be granted a license to produce edibles, Green Chiefs of Granite Falls made it to market first, at a retail outlet in Bellingham, on Wednesday night.)

Db3 and Zoots were founded by Michael, Dan, and Patrick Devlin. The three brothers each have decades of business experience; one has experience in food production.


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