High Times Cannabis Cup Organizers Say They Can’t Find Suitable Portland Venue

OREGON:  As soon as Oregon voters said yes to marijuana legalization last year, High Times announced it would host a Cannabis Cup in Portland.

But those plans have hit a snag, prompting the publication to delay the event until September, said publisher Mary McEvoy.

The issue: the Oregon Liquor Control Commission won’t allow cannabis consumption at venues that hold liquor licenses. The policy, which the agency spelled out in a recent letter to all liquor license holders in the state, means bars, restaurants and any other venue authorized to serve alcohol can’t allow marijuana consumption in their establishments.

“We have made the decision that any place with a liquor license is public and there is no consumption of marijuana at public places so allowing people to consume marijuana at a place that has a liquor license puts the liquor license in jeopardy,” said Tom Towslee, a spokesman for the liquor control commission.


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