Cannabis Company Rolls Out Seattle Billboard Campaign

There are very strict rules in Washington when it comes to marijuana business advertising.

WASHINGTON:  As part of the new normal in Washington’s legal pot world, a locally-based cannabis company is rolling out (or rolling up?) the United States’ first marijuana billboards Tuesday in locations throughout Seattle.

The ads come from Dàmà Cannabis, owned by Seattle-based New Leaf Enterprises, and they’re only part of a larger ad campaign that will unfold throughout the month at major Seattle events.

The company plans to advertise its oils and other products on more than 15 billboards throughout the Puget Sound area for the next six months, complying with state I-502 laws prohibiting ad placement near schools, churches and cemeteries.

The first five billboards are going up Tuesday in Queen Anne, West Seattle, Sodo and Rainier Valley, according to the company.pot ad2

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  1. Cannadvertising says

    They should also check out iAM, i Alternative Media and Cannadvertising

  2. emily dodson says

    what arw the ropes for employment… I just recently was working at Altitude in Prosser Washington- I would love to be part of the growing industry :-)

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