Pueblo County gives medical pot farm final OK

COLORADO: Pueblo County commissioners gave final approval Wednesday for a Denver medical marijuana dispensary to open a greenhouse on 61st Lane.

The commissioners gave verbal approval on July 10 and passed a resolution Wednesday to allow Metro Cannabis Inc. to put down roots in eastern Pueblo County.

At the last meeting, the commissioners were met with angry shouts and criticisms from a crowd of anti-marijuana folks who live in that area.

On Wednesday, the commissioners explained their decision.

“This is not a retail outlet. This is a grow operation, which we are approving under medical marijuana licensing regulations — as approved by the previous board (of commissioners) — that we inherited,” Commissioner Liane “Buffie” McFadyen said.

In its history, Pueblo County has approved nine medical marijuana dispensary applications. Of those, a couple included greenhouses, both on and off-site of the dispensary.

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