Prosecutor Drops Cases Against Medical Marijuana Shops In Cowlitz County, WA

WASHINGTON: Cowlitz County Prosecutor Sue Baur has dismissed all charges against five people involved with two Cowlitz County medical marijuana dispensaries nearly a year after they were arrested on suspicion of illegally selling the drug.

Baur said in a written statement that it would have been impractical to prosecute the cases because voters decided last year to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. In addition, she said confusion over laws governing both medical and recreational pot would have further complicated matters.

“The people of our state clearly stated that marijuana use and possession should be decriminalized,” Baur wrote. “Marijuana prosecutions (even dispensaries) became problematic given this decision by the voters.”

“Even if the defendants had been convicted,” Baur wrote, “they would have most likely been sentenced to no more than a few months in jail. Given my office’s priorities, it did not make sense for me to pursue these cases any further.”

Baur also wrote in the statement: “Marijuana prosecutions are not the highest priority for my office.”

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