Prosecutions For Possessing And Selling Marijuana Will Continue Until New Law Goes Into Effect

ALASKA:  One of the Alaska’s top prosecutors said the state will continue to prosecute people for possessing and selling marijuana for the time being, despite a pending voter-approved law to legalize small amounts of pot.

“We are not blind or oblivious to the fact that there is a change coming, but the change is not here yet,” said John Skidmore, director of the criminal division for the Alaska Department of Law.

“We did communicate to our folks that right now it is business as usual,” he said. “We are evaluating what to do in the future.”

The law is changing after voters approved a ballot measure this month allowing people to possess, transport, sell and grow certain amounts of marijuana. But the manner in which marijuana activities will be allowed to take place has yet to be determined. The new law takes effect sometime next year.


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