Proponents Confident Jackson MI Election Proposal Allowing Possession Of Marijuana Will Pass

MICHIGAN: In addition to City Council candidates, Jackson residents will have the opportunity Tuesday, Nov. 5, to vote for or against decriminalizing marijuana within the city.

More than 550 residents signed and turned in a petition in July to decriminalize up to an ounce of marijuana for people more than 21 years of age.

Marijuana proponents Roger Maufort and Steven Sharpe turned in the petition Tuesday, July 30. Maufort is the president of the Jackson County Compassion Club. Sharpe is a Jackson resident and marijuana advocate.

“We want the police to concentrate on real crime,” Maufort said of the proposal.

Sharpe echoed Maufort’s remarks.

“Go after domestic violence and drug abuse,” Sharpe said. “(Marijuana) is an herb, not a drug. Go after the hard drugs – heroin, meth.”

If passed, the law would limit the possession of marijuana to at most a civil infraction, which can bring with it a ticket but does not stay on the person’s record.


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