Pro-Pot Group Drops Ballot Campaign To Allow Marijuana In Denver Bars

“We believe in the language we put forward and that adults who consume cannabis deserve the same freedoms to congregate and socialize as those who consume alcohol,” Mr. Tvert said. “We were persuaded, however, by members of the political and business communities, who requested participation in this process. We look forward to working with them to find a solution amenable to all parties.”

COLORADO: A pro-marijuana group is withdrawing its ballot measure to allow pot in Denver bars and plans to work instead with the city council and the business community on devising a law on social use in commercial establishments.

Mason Tvert, who led the successful 2012 campaign permitting recreational marijuana use for adults, said in a press release Thursday that his latest group, the Campaign for Limited Social Cannabis Use, had submitted more than twice the number of signatures required for the November ballot.

Read full article @ Washington Times

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