Pot Dispensary Workers Arrested In Undercover Sting

COLORADO: Four people have been arrested after an undercover detective purchased marijuana at a marijuana dispensary.

Colorado Springs police seized three pounds of marijuana and prescription drugs from a dispensary called Room to Grow. The undercover officer told those working at the dispensary that he intended to sell the pot in other states. It’s illegal to take medical marijuana out of Colorado for resale.

Earlier this week the federal government said it will not sue Colorado for legalizing marijuana. But the government said it will crack down on the distribution of pot in states where it is not legal.

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  1. Kevin Kuhn says

    Except you have to sign an agreement that it will be used legally as medication for yourself (or if you’re a caregiver, who it is intended for) before dispensaries will even let you into the medicine part of the dispensary. Sounds more like entrapment to me.
    The dispensary had no intention of breaking the law, the Law Enforcement UC created the criminal situation.

    • Kevin Kuhn says

      I stand corrected. This was not a Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary. As per our Colorado Springs Police Blotter: On August 30, 2013, detectives completed a narcotics transaction for
      marijuana at a local business, Room To Grow. This business is not a
      licensed medical marijuana facility. Four individuals were arrested for
      the distribution of marijuana. A total of 3 pounds of marijuana and
      1.6 grams of oxycodone were recovered. The marijuana being purchased
      was intended to be transported and distributed in another state.

      Arrested were Joshua Heney, Brandon Beene, Bradly Sweany, and Justin Sargent

  2. Richard Mccannell says

    I say all kinds of shit I never do….This is class 1 grade “A” Bullshit..Its not breaking the law till the pig undercover sell the dam cat nip…hey feds..get a life..


    Aloha From The Big island Hawaii,
    Herbal Medication was created by, “GOD” and gave us a Big Bang! He Is The Burning Bush! All Ja Inspiration and Higher Thoughts Concerning The Freedom and Liberation For All Men. It Is A Cultural and Religious Pursuit We Are Walking Toward……Paradise On Earth. You Can Feel It Here In The Forrest and Jungle. On The Barren Lava Fields, Life begins On Its Own with Natures Help. man Comes Along and Controls The Land, Taxes and maintenance become necessary evils of Society. If you don’t pay that society will take it all away. I am a Lifetime Artist/Oil-Painter that has been persecuted, incarcerated, tortured, fined, and disowned because of My Culture and Our Creation. I had 15 properties confiscated and spent years incarcerated until my 30’s when I learned to use better security and could feel the trap forming and the set-up happening. Medical Marijuana, Religious Practice, Life-Long Pleasure, what ever it is called is still the same green and leafy plant that “GOD” created. Why Hasn’t He been Charged??? All those families destroyed and separated, single parent families created to live off of welfare and food stamps. A vicious loop of insanity. STOP the tyranny! Set My People FREE.

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