Poarch Creek Play Pot Hardball As Congressman Says Let’s Just Legalize Marijuana Nationwide

FLORIDA:  The Poarch Creek Indians are reportedly playing hardball with the state of Florida over gambling. The ultimatum? Let us offer gaming in Florida or we might consider growing and selling marijuana on our property.

That same tactic could easily come into play in Alabama, which is fighting the tribe in court in an effort to shut down its casinos. The ploy there would be a bit different – back off the lawsuit or we’re selling pot on our land – but the results could be the same.

All the pot wrangling comes after the Justice Department issued a ruling late last year that Indian tribes are allowed to grow and sell marijuana on tribal lands, even in states where the drug remains illegal. The move could open the door to legal pot sales in every state.

One Colorado lawmaker doesn’t want to wait for that to happen, however. Instead, Rep. Jared Polis, a Democrat, has introduced a bill in Congress to legalize marijuana nationwide, taxing it just as we do tobacco and alcohol.


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