Phoenix, Oregon Backs Away From Marijuana Moratorium

The bill was approved by the KY Senate Health and Welfare Committee, and now goes to the full Senate.

OREGON:  A divided City Council let drop Monday a movement to move an emergency moratorium on all medical marijuana-associated companies inside the city limits.

Licensed medical marijuana dispensaries will turn into felony underneath state regulation starting March three, however a moratorium would have given the city as much as six months to stipulate native restrictions for such companies.

The emergency movement, which required unanimous approval, used to be appreciated by way of handiest 4 of six council individuals.

Council individuals Carolyn and Stan Bartell, Chris Luz and Bruce Sophie licensed of a moratorium, whereas contributors Terry Helfrich and Karen Jones had been towards the speculation.

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  1. Jason says

    Hey, this news is NOT from Phoenix, Arizona. It is from Phoenix, OREGON… put down the dube for a minute and fact check..geez….

  2. Marina says

    Any admins check this page? PHOENIX, OREGON. not arizona. maybe your publishers should read the articles BEFORE they repost them.

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