Oregon Lawmakers Mull Erasing Marijuana Arrests

OREGON:   Lawmakers are mulling over two bills that could erase marijuana arrests or reduce sentences for certain Oregonians ahead of recreational pot becoming legal in July.

If you were cited with a marijuana-related crime that would have sent you to jail under newer laws, you’re likely not going to get a break. However, if you were cited with possession of one ounce of pot or growing four plants in your home, your charges could be dropped because Measure 91 legalizes those acts.

Supporters of the bills say it will free-up law enforcement and cut down court and jail costs.

“We know the costs add up, regardless of what they may be, we know this will save resources, save time and allow people to move on with their lives, for something that 57 percent of Oregonians say should be legal as of July 1,” New Approach Oregon Executive Director Anthony Johnson said.


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