OLCC Commissioners Approve Stipulated Settlements For Recreational Marijuana Violations

OLCC news

OLCC news

OREGON: At its monthly meeting January 17, 2019 meeting the Commissioners of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission approved the following fines and/or marijuana license suspensions or license surrenders based on stipulated settlements:

Odin Distillations* will pay a fine of $2,310 or serve a 14-day recreational marijuana processor license suspension for two violations.

Licensee is Odin Distillations, LLC; Odin Enterprises, LLC, Managing Member; Galt Industries, Inc., Member; Paul Amsbury, President/Stockholder; Mithlond Ventures, LLC, Member; David Loverink, Member; Pluto, LLC, Member; Nasem Issak, Member.

Rogue Farmer* will pay a fine of $7,620 or serve a 44-day recreational marijuana producer license suspension for three violations.

Licensee is Rogue Farmer at Quartz Creek, LLC.; Ryan Beyerlein, Member.

Cultivated Industries* will receive a letter of reprimand for three violations.  The Commission accepted the surrender of the former licensees’ producer license on May 8, 2018.

The former licensee is Nug Run Farms, LLC; RJV, LLC Managing Member; James Deneen Holdings, LLC, Managing Member; Norris Monson, Managing Member; SDFM, LLC, Managing Member; Steve Miller, Managing Member; David Boies, Member.

Evio Labs Bend in Bendhas surrendered its lab license and each licensee agrees to accept a letter of reprimand for three violations.

Licensee is CR Labs, Inc.; Lori Glauser, Co-Licensee, President, Director, Stockholder; William Waldrop, Co-Licensee, Secretary, Director, Stockholder; Anthony Smith, Co-Licensee, Stockholder; EVIO, Inc., Stockholder; Signal Bay, Inc., Stockholder.

Evio Labs Eugene/Oregon Analytical Services in Eugenehas surrendered its lab license and each licensee agrees to accept a letter of reprimand for six violations.

Licensee is EVIO Labs Eugene, LLC; EVIO Labs OR, Inc., Member; Lori Glauser, Manager, President, Director; William Waldrop, Manager, Secretary, Director; EVIO, Inc., Stockholder.

*The locations of OLCC marijuana producer, processor and wholesale licensees are exempt from public disclosure under Oregon law. 

A copy of the Stipulated Settlement Agreements for Marijuana Violation Cases can be found on the OLCC website, on the Laws & Rules page under the Final Orders section.


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