OLCC Approves Marijuana Licensee Stipulated Settlements Starts Rulemaking Process Triggered by Passage of 2019 Legislation

OLCC LogoOREGON: At its monthly meeting on June 20, 2019 the Commissioners of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission approved 12 marijuana violation stipulated settlement agreements and started the rule-making process to include legislative statutory changes and rule changes to update marijuana program regulations.

During the 2019 legislative session, the Oregon Legislature has made adjustments to the Oregon Revised Statutes for Cannabis Regulation (ORS 475B).

The Commission has directed its staff to use rulemaking to address the statutory changes and incorporate technical issues that have arisen during the management of the marijuana program.  The 2019 Bill and Technical Amendments Package will enable staff to engage with stakeholders, establish rulemaking advisory committees (RACs), and hold public hearings.

The Commission approved the following fines and/or marijuana license suspensions, license surrenders, or marijuana worker permit surrender based on stipulated settlements:

Herbal Ally* will pay a fine of $4,950 or serve a 30-day recreational marijuana producer license suspension for one violation.

Licensees are: Herbal Ally, Inc.; Michael Gonzales, Pres/Dir/Stockholder; Michelle Lovrich, VP/Director/Stockholder.

Green Cross Cannabis Emporium in Salem will pay a fine of $4,950 or serve a 30-day recreational marijuana retailer license suspension for one violation.

Licensees are: TLC Medical, Inc., Patrick Todd, Pres/Sec/Dir/Stockholder; Shari Lowry, Stockholder.

Evio Labs Portland* will serve a 32-day recreational marijuana laboratory license suspension for one violation.

Licensees are: Greenhaus Analytical Labs, LLC; Evio, Inc., Member; Signal Bay, Inc., Stockholder; Henry Grimmett, President/Director; William Waldrop, Stockholder; Lori Glauser, Stockholder; Anthony Smith, Co-Licensee.

Breeze Botanicals Gold Hill in Gold Hill will pay a fine of $1,980 or serve a 12-day recreational marijuana retailer license suspension for two violations.

Licensees are: Sun Breeze, Inc.; Brie Malarkey, Pres/Dir/Stockholder; Jon Cunningham, Sec/Treas/Dir/Stckhldr.

Epoch Farm* will pay a fine of $3,795 or serve a 23-day recreational marijuana producer suspension for three license violations.

Licensees are: Epoch Farms, LLC;  S3 Investors, LLC, Member;  Ricardo Fontg, Member/Manager;  Chad Hansen, Member/Manager; West Coast Equity Holdings, LLC, Member; Patrick Dubbert, Member/Manager.

Mr. Nice Guy Retail in Coos Bay will pay a fine of $3,795 or serve a 23-day recreational marijuana retailer license suspension for three violations. 

Licensees are: MNG Holdings, LLC; Michael Ng, Member; Patrick Martin, Member.

Nectar/Applegate Valley Organics* will either pay a fine of $7,260 and serve a 21-day suspension or serve a 65-day suspension of their recreational marijuana producer license for four violations.

Licensees are: Applegate Valley Organics, LLC; Nectar Holdings, Inc., Member; Jeremy Pratt, Pres/Dir/Stockholder, Jeffrey Johnson, VP, Michael Olson, Sec/Treas.

Rose City Buds and Flowers in Aloha surrenders its recreational marijuana retailer license and licensee will receive a letter of reprimand for four violations. 

Licensee is: Rose City Buds & Flowers, LLC; Dana Weihman, Member.

West Coast Cannabis* will pay a fine of $8,745 or serve a 53-day recreational marijuana suspension for four violations.

Licensees are: West Coast Cannabis Consortium, LLC; Christopher Roll, Member; Christopher Wytovicz, Member; Heidi Wytovicz, Member; Pamela Lovejoy, Member.

Oregrown* will pay a fine of $4,950and serve a 98-day recreational marijuana license producer suspension; or pay a $15,510 fine and serve a 34-day suspension for seven violations.

Licensee is: Pacific Enterprise Holdings, LLC; Oregrown Industries, Inc., Mng Member; Hunter Neubauer, President/Dir/Stkhldr; Kevin Hogan, Secretary/Dir/Stockholder; Tsiona Bitton, Director/Stockholder; Justin Crawn, Director/Stockholder.

Justin Crawn surrenders his marijuana worker permit for three permit violations.

Columbia River Herbals of The Dalles will surrender its recreational marijuana retailer license and receive a letter of reprimand for one violation.

Licensee is: Columbia River Herbals, LLC; Norman Brock, Member

*The locations of OLCC marijuana producer, processor and wholesale licensees are exempt from public disclosure under Oregon law. 

A copy of the Stipulated Settlement Agreements for Marijuana Violation Cases can be found on the OLCC website, on the Laws & Rules page under the Final Orders section.

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