Oklahoma SB 2116: The Legalization of Marijuana

OKLAHOMA:  Marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington, could Oklahoma be next?

Not anytime soon, says one local state senator, and he doesn’t plan on hearing a new bill proposing the legalization of marijuana in his senate subcommittee. Senate Bill 2116 would tax and regulate marijuana in Oklahoma and let people have small amounts, up to an ounce, for personal use.

Senator Don Barrington, Lawton Republican, says a similar bill was introduced in last year’s legislative session and voted down, and that’s why he says he won’t hear the bill in his Senate Subcommittee on Public Safety. Barrington believes this is just another way to get marijuana legalized by changing the language of the previous bill.

“When legislation is passed, there are unintended consequences and I think the legislation I reviewed would lead to unintended consequences. I don’t think parameters are put in place that can handle it,” said Senator Barrington.

Barrington says a bill very similar to this one was heard by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee last session and voted down.

“It depends on who you talk to. Some say it’s a gateway drug, and leads to a more serious use of drugs. Others say it isn’t,” said Barrington.

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