Ohio Needs Heroes

OHIO: Paige needs a hero.  Ohio needs a lot of heroes.  The little girl in this poignant video is but one of many thousands of Ohioans who are suffering due to a lack of safe and legal access to therapeutic cannabis.

We have many families in Ohio with kids who suffer from Dravet Syndrome and epilepsy who could surely benefit from this amazing plant.  Presently Ohio families with children like Paige, have to make tough choices: move for treatment and leave behind their families, careers and homes, or stay put and endure the barrage of seizures and permanent brain damage that come with these debilitating diseases.

Children with these diseases who have access to low THC and high CBD cannabis strains like the famed Charlotte’s Web, have experienced a dramatic reduction in their seizures.  One in ten stop having seizures altogether.  Many families don’t have the ability to relocate.

The Ohio Rights Group is working hard to get the proposed Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment on the ballot this year.  But we have a steep hill to climb and no time to lose.  The Amendment will allow for both therapeutic cannabis and industrial hemp that will help our ailing citizens as well as bring a valuable and environmentally friendly cash crop to the agricultural heartland.

Passing our Amendment can help people from coast to coast and the world over.  You see, compassionate Florida citizens have already qualified a medical cannabis bill for 2014 election and if you all help us qualify in Ohio that could spell the end of Federal Cannabis prohibition.

Ohio and Florida combined are the political epicenter of America.  If both Ohio and Florida turn this November, no candidate for President in 2016 will be able to win the White House without vowing to end prohibition and citizens all over the country will finally be freed from the shackles of this failed and flawed program.

When America stops prohibiting cannabis, the world will follow.  And as Ohio goes, so goes the nation.  We ask that you help us be the catalyst for change, for freedom, for common sense and compassion.  “United we win” is our motto and we need all citizens the world over to hear our plea and join our cause.