Ohio Board Of Pharmacy Publishes Updated Patient & Caregiver Numbers For April 2019


State_of_Ohio_Board_of_pharmacy_logo2COHIO: The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy today published updated patient & caregiver numbers for April 2019. These numbers include:

  • 34,225 Recommendations
  • 31,075 Registered patients with recommendations
    • 2,386 Patients with Veteran Status
    • 1,216 Patients with Indigent Status
    • 171 Patients with a Terminal Diagnosis
  • 15,339 Unique patients who purchased medical marijuana (as reported to OARRS by licensed dispensaries)
  • 2,109 Registered Caregiverss

For the full list of program numbers, please visit the Program Update page.

Read full article @ OMMCP

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