Obama: Feds Can't 'Police Whether Somebody Is Smoking A Joint On A Corner'

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  President Barack Obama said Thursday that the federal government did not have resources to prosecute casual users of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, two states where it has been legalized for sale, in an interview with CNN.

“The Department of Justice, you know, under Eric Holder, has said that we are going to continue to enforce federal laws. But in those states, we recognize that … the federal government doesn’t have the resources to police whether somebody is smoking a joint on a corner,” he said, according to a transcript of the interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper conducted in Wisconsin. “And we are trying to provide them structures to make sure that, you know, big time drug traffickers, the spillover effect of the violence, potentially, of a drug trade [are not] creeping out of this experiment.”

Obama’s comments reflect the attitude of Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department, which announced in August that it would not challenge marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington. However, marijuana dispensaries already opened in Colorado still operate under dubious federal legality. For instance, they largely do not have access to banks, which are federally regulated, forcing them to operate in cash only.


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