NY State Assembly Includes Comprehensive Medical Marijuana Bill in House Budget Bill, Jumpstarting Negotiations With Senate And Governor

NEW YORK:  Today, the State Assembly is introducing and passing their one-house budget proposal, which, for the first time ever, includes the New York’s comprehensive medical marijuana proposal – the Compassionate Care Act (A.6357-A -Gottfried) / S.4406-A -Savino).

As the Assembly gathers to pass the measure, dozens of patients, families, caregivers and healthcare providers are descending on Albany to press the State Senate to pass the Compassionate Care Act. The patients are living with cancer, multiple sclerosis, severe seizure disorders, and other serious, debilitating medical conditions, and the families include parents of children who suffer from severe forms of epilepsy, such as Dravet syndrome. They will participate in a public hearing on medical marijuana, then meet with legislators throughout the day and, finally, attend a free public event about medical marijuana tonight in Latham at the HopeClub.

“I’m traveling to Albany from Long Island, with my son Oliver, because he suffers from severe seizures that could potentially be alleviated by medical marijuana,” said Missy Miller of Atlantic Beach.“I thought our leaders in Albany were elected to represent the people. With 88 percent of New York voters supporting medical marijuana, I’m finding it hard to understand why the Senate won’t vote on the bill that could save my son’s life. Every seizure he suffers causes more damage; he is slipping away day by day. We never know which seizure could be the one that is too much for him. If the senate does not bring the Compassionate Care Act up for a vote, they are signing my son’s death warrant.”

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