Northwest Tribes Oppose Marijuana Legalization

WASHINGTON:  An organization representing 57 Northwest Indian tribes has announced its opposition to marijuana legalization, specifically in Alaska and Oregon.

The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians announced a partnership Tuesday with the Smart Approaches to Marijuana project, which supports a treatment, health-first marijuana policy.

The tribal group says it supports efforts to reduce marijuana use, especially among young people.

The group represents tribes in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Alaska and Northern California.

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  1. Jason says

    Unfortunately these tribes have grown too far from their roots and foundation of their peoples to recall/remember when their people used it for it healing properties

  2. Rev.RoRo says

    No the real reason is most of there peoples are alcoholics, If they legalize weed they will lose to much money . Who are are they trying to kid. Indian Abuse of substance’s.

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