No, Marijuana Dispensaries Are Not Selling Out Of Weed In Colorado

Colorado is marking one year since it became the first state to allow recreational pot.

COLORADO:  An overwhelmingly high demand for recreational marijuana in Colorado sparked rumors last week that pot shops were starting to sell out of weed – a problem that could prompt some people to return to the black market.

However, now that the dust has settled since the dash to buy pot during its first days of commercial legalization in the state, those rumors appear to be the result of an opening-week rush.

“We do have a smaller crowd today compared to last week, and we’re not selling out,” Pete Vasquez, general manager at the Denver dispensary Medicine Man, told The Huffington Post over the phone. “From customers I’ve heard that no one else is selling out either, it’s just something going around on the news.”

Other dispensaries validated Vasquez’s assessment.

“We are not sold out and have tons of inventory,” Ryan Garbey, a bartender at Denver Kush Club, told HuffPost.


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