New plans in the works for enforcing marijuana laws

WASHINGTON: Smoking pot in public will get you a warning in Seattle, but not yet a fine.

Initiative 502 legalized the recreational use of marijuana, but public use is not allowed. Seattle police have the authority to issue citations under state law but are not doing it. “They will be warned and they will be instructed not to smoke. That is how we are enforcing 502 right now,” said Seattle Police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb.

Whitcomb said that will change once the city council enacts a prohibition against public pot smoking in city code, which city attorney Pete Holmes has requested. Last week, Holmes told the city council an ordinance would allow the city to keep the fine money. “Knowing that Seattle specifically voted overwhelmingly in support of I-502, we want to make sure our enforcement strategies reflect that, reflect those values,” said Whitcomb.

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