New Bills Introduced Would Allow Personal Marijuana Home Grows

WASHINGTON:  Recreational marijuana stores are springing up all over Washington state now that pot is legal. But it’s still illegal to grow your own marijuana, unless you have a medical marijuana permit, or you’re a commercial grower. State Sen. Jean Kohle-Welles says that needs to change, pointing out growing pot is legal in other states that have legalized weed.
Oregon, Alaska, Colorado and the District of Columbia all allow home grows,” said Kohl-Wells.
The bill, as well as a companion bill in the House sponsored by Rep. Brian Blake of Aberdeen would allow adults over 21 and older to grow six marijuana plants for personal use.  Growers could also possess up to 8 ounces of useable marijuana, and donate up to one ounce to another adult without compensation. But if people can grow their own pot would it hurt the recreational marijuana industry?
One recreational store owner says no. “I think it would be good for everybody to actually try it themselves and experience themselves,” said Noel Roberts, owner of Mary Mart in Tacoma.

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