Nebraskans Eye Recreational Pot Stores In Colorado

NEBRASKA:  As some local governments in Colorado approve the sale of recreational marijuana, dispensary owners say many Nebraskans are itching to get across state lines to buy the product.

Recently 1011’s Adam Uhernik went to the dispensary closest to Nebraska and spoke with the owner about his business that seems to be booming with interest from people in the Cornhusker State!

About ten minutes across the Nebraska border, down a county road is a small town called Sedgwick Colorado!

“We have a bar we have a liquor store and we have medical marijuana,” said Sedgwick Resident & Business Owner Lupe Casias.

The Medical Marijuana Store is called Sedgwick Alternative Relief.
It’s nothing extreme, merely a double wide trailer with a waiting room, show cases, and Medical Marijuana.

The owner, Brad Henson, says some Nebraskans are among the hundreds wanting to get into his shop.

“Probably one or two everyday from people from North Platte, one from Omaha everyday. I mean the demand is there,” said Brad Henson in his first Exclusive TV Interview.

Henson says right now he turns them down because the dispensary is only approved to sell Medical Marijuana to Coloradoans with a license, but if the town votes to approve the sale of Recreational Marijuana that could change for those out of state.


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