More Questions Than Answers When It Comes To Pot Dispensary Law

OREGON: Oregon’s new law approving medical marijuana dispensaries was deliberately written vaguely, with the idea that the nitty-gritty details would be hashed out later.
That time has come, and a 13-person group that includes police chiefs, botanists and legislators met Friday in Salem to try to fill in the law’s holes.

One thing clear from deliberations and public comments at the nearly four-hour hearing: The work will be neither quick nor easy.

Among the concerns of patients and growers is how they’ll afford now-required plant testing.

Meanwhile, members of law enforcement questioned whether criminal-background checks will be performed on the actual day-to-day managers of the dispensaries, rather than the person with the cleanest criminal record.

Oregon was one of the first states to allow the legal use of marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation.


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