Some Pot Producers Forced To ‘Start From Scratch’

WASHINGTON:  What’s the difference between medical marijuana and recreational? Absolutely nothing – unless you’re the state of Washington.

Medical pot producers planning to sell recreationally are being forced to shut down their businesses and start all over to keep in line with state law – this, despite a widespread Washington weed shortage in the recreational market.

At Seattle’s New Leaf Enterprises, a pot shortage is the last thing you’d be worried about. Everywhere you look people are packaging, pruning, and processing marijuana. The 13,000 square foot facility is currently growing 1,200 plants and producing 200 pounds of pot per month. Another 12,000 square feet is being prepped to more than double production.

Meantime the two dozen or so pot shops that have been issued licenses to open across the state struggle with supply. Two weeks after the first store opened in Seattle, many still sit empty.

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