Senate Passes To Overhaul Medical Marijuana Industry

WASHINGTON: The Senate has passed a measure meant to reconcile Washington state’s medical marijuana industry with its heavily-taxed recreational sector.

Senate Bill 5052 passed Friday on a 36-11 vote and now heads to the House for consideration. It is one of several measures brought forth by lawmakers this year after attempts to address the dual markets died in the House last session.

The measure, sponsored by Republican Sen. Ann Rivers of La Center, would exempt medical products from the state sales tax – though not the heavy excise taxes that have helped drive up prices in recreational stores. It also does away with the current collective gardens but allows four-person cooperatives to exist. Also, stores licensed under the recreational system could obtain an endorsement to sell medical marijuana products.

Among its many other provisions, it would create a database of patients who could possess more marijuana than allowed under the recreational law.

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