San Jose Stamps Ordinance to Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

CALIFORNIA: Yesterday, the San Jose City Council passed an effective ban on medical marijuana collectives. The regulations require all concentrates, edibles and topicals be produced on-site, by the collective. Medical marijuana vendors statewide will not be allowed to provide any products to collectives in San Jose. Outdoor growing and medical marijuana patients ages 18 to 20 are banned from working at, or even getting medication from, collectives.

“We need regulations in San Jose, but ones that work.” said Dave Hodges, founder of the All American Cannabis Club, and Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition (SVCC) member. “Street dealers will become the providers of medical marijuana rather than licensed business people providing legal product,” he said. “We are almost guaranteed to see an explosion in illegal neighborhood grows, and backyard BHO concentrate production.”

To stop the cities regulations, organizers have less than 30 days to collect 50,000 signatures to qualify for a referendum. Control & Regulate San Jose will be hosting private meeting tomorrow at 1pm to discuss fundraising. For details contact John Lee at

“A referendum is the only option we have,” said John Lee, director of the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition and Control & Regulate San Jose. “We need all patients, dispensaries, delivery services, growers, edible makers, concentrate producers and everyone who wants safe medical cannabis in San Jose to work together. We have a daunting task in front of us, and if we all unite, the referendum will succeed.”

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