Puyallup Bans Recreational Pot Businesses, But Stops Short Of Including Medical Cannabis

WASHINGTON:  Puyallup has become one of the biggest cities in Pierce County to ban marijuana businesses.

The Puyallup City Council voted 5-2 Tuesday to prohibit all recreational marijuana producers, processors and retailers. But the council stopped short of banning medical marijuana shops and collective gardens after overwhelming opposition from patients.

Mayor John Knutsen and council members John Palmer, Heather Shadko, Steve Vermillion and Tom Swanson supported it. Council members John Hopkins and Julie Door voted against the proposal.

The regulations come just before a Dec. 31 expiration of a moratorium that was extended several times over the last 16 months.

The delay was intended to give city officials time for research and deliberation about Initiative 502, which voters approved in 2012 to create a regulatory system for recreational marijuana. Conflicting pot laws and concerns about I-502’s lack of revenue-sharing with local governments prompted the proposed ban.

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