New Pot Prescribing Standards For B.C. Doctors

CANADA:  The BC College of Physicians and Surgeons is looking to weed out the so called ‘pot docs’ by putting in place new standards when it comes to prescribing medical marijuana.

The new rules could make accessing the drug at Vancouver’s more than 80 dispensaries more difficult. The new rules look to keep doctors from prescribing to people under the age of 25. They also forbid doctors from charging patients for marijuana-related medical documents.

Now doctors prescribing the drug must either be, or have the approval of, a patient’s primary physician.

Dana Larson, from Sensible BC, says “I know a lot of people, under 25, who are prescribed Ritalin, who are prescribed opiate pain relievers, other medicines like that, that are far more addictive and far more potentially harmful to the brain and body than cannabis is.”

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