Morgan Retrenches On Medical Marijuana

FLORIDA:  John Morgan doesn’t like to lose.

But on Nov. 4, Morgan saw a medical marijuana constitutional initiative — which he had personally and financially backed — fall just short of the 60 percent margin needed for enactment. Although 3.37 million Florida voters agreed with him, it only amounted to 57.62 percent of the vote.

Morgan, though, said he is ready to try again. He will first ask the 2015 Legislature to expand on the modest medical marijuana law passed earlier this year. If that fails, the wealthy, glib-tongued trial lawyer said he will seek to place a slightly revised version of the initiative on the November 2016 ballot.

“I’m not used to losing. But I lost. I lost in a very public way,” Morgan said. “But I also believe when you lose, the greatest gift you get is humility. I think with humility you can be much more reasoned, much more measured. And you can take failure and turn it into success.”

The defeat may have increased Morgan’s humility, but it also diminished his checkbook.

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